Seminar “Luga river: environmental status and ways for it improving”

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The Seminar took place on the 21st of November 2013 in Luga city and it was organized in the frame of the project SE 717. The seminar was attended by the project SE 717 experts, representatives of the administration of Luga municipal district and pilot schools. Representatives of "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg", “Luga Vodokanal”, Limnology Institute, RAS, St. Petersburg University Aqueous Polymers, etc. were invited to the Seminar. It was filming by Luga television company "LIC."

Preliminary results of studies carried out by project experts Tatiana Assanova and Tatiana Nikitina of Novgorod laboratory GosNIORh, Lubov Žiakova and Nikolay Aladin (ZIN RAS), Alexander Ogluzdin (SZNIIMESH) and Anna Papushin (SPbGAU) were presented at the seminar.

Teachers of pilot schools: Alexander Tokmakov, Julia  Shevtsova, Zoya Tolcheeva, Nina Sorokina and Tatiana Ageenko presented the results of the study of water quality of rivers Luga, Saba and Lizard conducted by schoolchildren.

In the discussion that took place attended by most of the Seminar participants. Most problematic point (Strelianny creek, outputs of sewage waters from Luga Vodokanal and , near Tolmachiovo settlement ). Conlusions of the seminar were done by Mr. Oleg Lensky, head of the committee of economic and agriculture development, Lyga district administration and Mrs. Olga Ermakova, state environmental inspector in Luga district.  Further actions were planned for the project. In particular, before the year is necessary to clarify the methods of point’s selection and sampling of water samples.