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Partners of Project

The leading partner - Administration of the Luga Municipal area LO The Luga Area is located in the South of Leningrad Region. It is a nearest point to neighboring Novgorod and Pskov Regions, which are famous by ancient historical monuments. The Luga District also has more soft climate and rich soils, than other parts of Leningrad Region. Because of such conditions it is convenient for tourism and agricultural development. From the beginning of 18th century summer residences of the St. Petersburg nobility and statesmen settled down here. By the end of 20th century, after wars and hard reforms, the natural and economic potential of area has substantially decreased. Last 10 years the Luga Administration carries out a lot of actions for support and developing of rural and ecotourism, small-scale business and environmentally friendly agriculture. Those purposes are the same what the European Union achieves in the field of sustainable rural development. So the Luga Area was repeatedly selected as pilot territory for the Russian and international projects. Here only some of them: TACIS FD RUS 9504 “Support to farm-related services at oblast level” TACIS FD RUS 9704 “Improving quality control of selected food products in Russia” TACIS FD RUS 9603 “Adapting Russia beef and dairy farming to restructuring” Joint project with Albert Fund, Germany, 2000. “Administration – Friendly Business”. International project “WERAN” in cooperation with Governments of Leningrad Region and Sedermanland Area, Sweden, 2002 – 2005. The project was directed on support of women’s business and social activities. The Project with the Helsinki University, 2008 “Creation of the favorable environment for development of rural and eco tourism in pilot rural municipalities” (in a frame of South-East Finland INTERRREG IIIA – Tacis Neighborhood Programme). Russian-Swedish project “Way to House”, on the level of area governments, 2007 – 2009. Project was devoted to development of rural tourism and small business in hospitality. In three pilot settlements of the Luga Area since 2002 international summer youth courses on various topics of the rural development are annually conducted. It is a result of long-term cooperation between the Lead Partner, P2 and P3, and also the Helsinki University and Ruralia Institute. Now local municipal authorities, principal organisations and the population are thoroughly enlightened upon the subject and ready to contacts and joint activities. All the previous cooperation show the Luga Administration as a responsible and well-organised partner possible to fulfill various project tasks. Nowadays the Luga Area gives 20% of grain, 14% of potato, 10% of milk and 5% of meat among 17 areas of Leningrad Region, and also has one of the best positions on tourism service development. In the new project "Luga-Balt" the Lead Partner is Intend to use all possibilities for improvement of local environment, and in particular water sources.

P1. State Scientific Institution “North-West Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Electrification” of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (GNU SZNIIMESH of RAAS) The problems of engineering agroecology are the key direction in the institute’s R&D activity. The institute develops engineering designs (process plans), machines and equipment for dairy, beef and pork production under conditions of the North-West Russia, manure handling and utilization systems included. Annually around 20 engineering and layout options, complying with environmental legislation and standards, for dairy, pig and poultry farms with various capacities are offered.

P2. The St.-Petersburg State Agrarian University (SPSAU) More than for 100 years the university prepares high-skilled experts for Russian agriculture. Now here are trained over 7000 students on 25 specialties, including on environmental and agricultural management and engineering. Besides, at university the postgraduate and doctoral studies, additional education and vocational training programs operate. 69% of teachers have high scientific degrees.

P3. Association for Assistance to Field Research and Development of Rural Territories (ASPIRST) Activity of the Association which was created in 1996, is directed on assistance to sustainable development of rural territories and includes: research and project work, informing, organising of scientific, educational and environmental actions, development and edition of the informative literature. ASPIRST experts are constant participants of the international environmental projects, conferences and forums.

P4. Agrifood Research Finland (МТТ) MTT is leading research institute developing sustainability and competitiveness of the food system. It conducts research within five research areas, such as consumer well-being, the competitiveness of agriculture and the food industry, the sustainable use of natural resources, the quality of the production and living environment, and the vitality of the countryside. Operating under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, MTT employs around 750 people at 15 locations across Finland.

P5. University of applied sciences of Mikkeli (MUAS) At the university 4500 students are trained, from them more than 200 students from 30 countries - on the international programs. Specialties - natural sciences; natural resources and environment; the humanities and culture; tourism, consumer services; public health services, sports; technologies, communications and transport; social sciences, business and administration. MUAS is one of leaders in environmental education and the international project activity; the proof is more than 200 universities-partners abroad. (see more about MUAS)

P6. The agricultural enterprise "Partizan" The enterprise is located in Osmino settlement of the Luga Area, in 70 km from Luga town. Activity principal views are potato cultivation and husbandry. An additional activity is vegetative forages producing. The staff is nearby 250 persons. P7. The Committee on Agriculture and Fishery of Leningrad Region. The Committee is the branch executive authority of Leningrad Region which is carrying out functions on a state policy development, legal regulation and rendering of the state services in the field of agriculture and fishery. The Committee is included into united system of an executive power of the Russian Federation in subjects of joint conducting of the Russian Federation and Leningrad Region.