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The Study trip through protected water courses in Finland, Activity 5

Vladislav Minin's picture
The Group in Lappenranta in the area of special ponds for lake protection
 Rantasalmi Institute for Environmental education and Nature Centre; Lecture by Pekka Hynninen
Private Agricultural Machinary Factory
Igor Subbotin, IC manager in the Mikkeli Agrochemical Laboratory
System of special ponds to protect lake from nutrients and material which coming from agricultural fields
Boat trip through Saima lake
manure application into soil

The Study tour “Collecting experiences from the Kymijoki River and Saimaa Lake (Finland)” was organized for Russian participants from 17 to 20 June,2013. Let us say at once that the mysterious river Kumiyoki it was not possible to see, but in general the program was very rich and interesting. The experts from the Russian project partners participated the trip: Vladislav Minin - Project Coordinator, Sergey Melnikov, Valery Belyakov, Nikolay Aladin, Alexander Ogluzdin, Igor Subbotin, Irina Uzhinova, Tatiana Minina as well as two employees from St.Petersburg Wodokanal – Nina Aksenova and Elena Ogol. On the Finnish side, Mr. Harri Huhta, Mr. Pentti Seuri and Miss Ekaterina Petruneva worked with a group.

We visited inter alia the Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences, were we heard three very interesting lectures on environmental activities in Finland.
The first lecture conducted by Teemu Tuovinen dealt Finnish environmental legislation.
The second lecture — the most interesting as we think — was hold by Reijo Lähteenmäki who spoke about the management of water resources of Lake Saimaa. In particular, he told us about the sanitary catch small fish, which, as it turned out, degrades a water quality and causes an increase in water turbidity. The main target of sanitary fishinf out is the crucian carp, which greatly multiplied in Saimaa waters system in recent years.
The third lection by Saara Ryhänen was devoted to the presentation of the project «RAE».